Hardwood Refinishing in Colorado Springs

Hardwood Refinishing

Absolute Flooring is your expert for hardwood floor refinishing Colorado Springs.  Our knowledgeable hardwood professional finishers will not take shortcuts to complete your project and will make sure to take every step to bring your floor back to the beautiful condition you expect to last for years to come!

Hardwood floor refinishing – When it comes to refinishing your existing hardwood floor refinishing, there are many ways to make it look good the day the job is complete.  The question is, “How is it going to hold up in the coming years?”  Taking shortcuts on floor refinishing will create many problems for the homeowner in the years to come.  If the floor is not sanded properly it will leave an unstable surface for the new finish to adhere to.  This will result in weakening the finish so that even a premium finish will wear off the floor faster than it should.  Some of the other problems of a poor sand job are finish peeling, rough coats, and contaminates in the finish to name a few.  Our hardwood floor refinishing is one of our most important skill sets.

Absolute Flooring has premium dust containment systems that we use on every job.  Dust containment is a concern for every homeowner so we take all steps necessary to help keep the dust down.  In combination with our dust containment we will hang plastic wherever possible to keep it from spreading throughout the house.  Unfortunately promising a “dust free floor refinish in Colorado Springs” is unpractical.  Due to our dry climate there is just no way to keep the dust down, so we use top of the line Vacuum systems with HEPA filters to vacuum up 95% of the dust.

Finish Options

We are experienced in both Oil based finishes and Water-based finishes.  Our experiences staff will help guide you in selecting the finish that will best suit your needs.  We use only premium finishes at Absolute Flooring, no shortcuts here; selecting the right finish for your project is top priority!

We offer and are very experienced in stains as light as natural and as dark as ebony.  Come visit our showroom to see a variety different stain options.

Sanding and staining stairs or a floor with dark stain can be a very intimidating process for inexperienced floor finishers.  The darker you stain hardwood the more it shows flaws from the sanding process.  Absolute Flooring is very comfortable and competent with this process; in fact, it is an area we specialize in!

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